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Don't be afraid of yourself

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Dont be afraid of yourself, you are your biggest driver.

Do you often find yourself hiding away a little part of who you are or want to be?


Be yourself. It may not seem easy or acceptable but it’s the only person you should be.

Embrace the person that you are and become a more powerful version of yourself. What you consider a default will become a strength. Your are your biggest driver.

You’ll make mistakes. You’ll learn from them.

Dare to shine. If it bothers people, pass them a pair of sunglasses.

You’ll want to hide from the judgement or in-acceptance of others. You’ll see that your hiding is allowing them to judge.

You’ll try to cover up the parts you don’t like. You’ll find more peace once you accept them.


Dont hold yourself back. Push your own limits and you will grow.

Be proud of who you are. We are all different. That’s one of the beauty’s of the human race and most certainly a contributing factor in all that it has achieved.

Move past the fear. Have a little faith in yourself and take a leap toward the unknown


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