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Where we can communicate effectively together.

Being vulnerable with someone about something we don’t really talk about is not easy. Elles Untold is a collaborative platform full of educational information, inspiration and tales untold for women looking to embrace their wellbeing.

In spite of our 'pronoun' brand name, we consider ourselves to be an inclusive community. We welcome anyone to come and share their story.

Sharing our strength makes us stronger

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Lingerie Libérée

Lingerie Libérée is an ultra hot lingerie boutique, but not only ...


Lingerie Libérée represents so many things: the starting point of a vision, an adventure, and most importantly a desire to give meaning.


Clearly with a name like Lingerie Libérée, women are at the center of our brand. A woman by definition is a strong being. She has the right to decide who she is, how to express herself, and to feel good doing so. Our mission is to empower women to embrace and express their sexuality, fully and with serenity.

​With Lingerie Libérée, we wish to make beautiful & sexy lingerie accessible to all women. By bringing together the most in-fashion under garment styles in one place, you can find that 'coup-de-coeur' piece easily. Not only is the lingerie on trend, but each piece is practical for each of your encounters.


Livwell Shop

It's not where you live, but how you feel whilst at home that is important. There are many tips and ways to ensure your wellbeing at home.  How do you find that much needed moment of calm or tranquility? Is your home optimised to limit your stress? At Livwell we aim to help you welcome the benefits of a calm and emotionally balanced life. Because, feeling good at home is priceless.

Live better, at home, with Livwell. Discover a collection of items that will make your home environment soothing , & tranquil.

The boutique is currently only available in French. Multi-language version coming soon!

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